Timson Hill Newsletter February 2017


Dear Families,

As the snow melts and the green grass spreads its blanket, February comes to a close. The children continue to play with each other, to work through conflicts, to create new play scenarios, and to explore new ideas through the many materials.

During the month of February, we spent many days discussing water and its many forms through books, poems, songs, art, movement, and scientific explorations. We did experiments such as painting with colored ice cubes, moving dots of water on waxed paper, exploring water tubes and funnels, playing with water bottles with holes, building ice sculptures using salt as glue, deciding which glass as more or less water, observing whether or not water gets absorbed into different materials, discerning if something floats or sinks, learning to pump water, and playing with the volcano bottle. They explored the capillary action of adhesion, cohesion, and surface tension as well as the water cycle of precipitation, evaporation, and condensation.

We culminated the water theme with our indoor pool party. The children loved wading and playing in the pool with their friends.

We celebrated Valentine’s Day by making lots of hearts for each other and enjoying a treats. The children not only expressed what they love, but they also shared how they show their love for others. Here were some of their answers: I helped make the bed for my mother, I took care of the dog, I hugged my mother and father, I cleaned- up my toys, I shared my toy with my friend, and I just love my parents.


We began reading Eric Carle books, and soon we will be enjoying mud season and maple sugaring. Our class trip to Green Valley Farm Sugar House will be on Monday March 20th.

We will be making end-of-the-year books for the children. Please send in a baby picture of your children and a family photo. Thank you!

Parent Conferences will be held on Early Release Day Thursday March 23rd from 12:20 to 6pm.

The Month of the Child is coming in April, more information coming soon.

Enrollment is going well for next year, but we still have a few available slots. Please tell your friends.

The Rabbit Run is Saturday April 8th. We need to attract runners to make this event a success!!! We would greatly appreciate it, if you could go to the Rabbit Run Facebook page and share it with your friends. The job list for this day will soon be on the door. Thank you.

Spring is right around the corner. Thank you to parents, staff, and children for bringing light into our lives!


Kathie, Robin, Joy, Marie, Kristina, and Marie B

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