Timson Hill Newsletter January 2017



Dear Parents,

Happy 2017! Your amazing children share their true selves in so many unique and beautiful ways. Their insights are the secret treasures of this world.

Before snack we ring a bell and the children close their eyes in silence. During this time, the children are asked to feel their bellies and then to reflect silently on how their belly feels. Does their belly feel soft, hard, tight, or open? Then they are asked to breath into these areas. It is incredible to watch your children put words to their felt experiences.

We began the year delving into fairy tales. We read a variety of magical stories, such as The Three Bears, The Princess and the Pea, The Frog Prince, The Gingerbread Boy/Girl, The Three Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf, The Three Wolves and the Big Bad Pig, Silly Fairy Tales, Three Billy Goats Gruff, The Big Red Hen, and many more.

In each moment of the day, the children are spontaneously telling and acting out their own stories with their friends in different areas of the room. They are learning to trust their deepest selves, reflect on their self-knowledge, negotiate, and be part of a larger community.

In addition, during “circle time”, the children have enjoyed being leaders and acting out their own stories with the entire Timson Hill group. We have recorded some of the children’s stories and are in the process of gathering them in a book. On the black bulletin board each child made one cushion for the Princess and the Pea story, with the princess on the top deciding if she can feel the pea at the bottom of the cushions. The afternoon children wrote stories inspired by a monster, which also can be seen on the black bulletin board. On the blue bulletin, the children made self-portraits some inspired by fairy tale stories.


The teachers have fun playing different word and singing games with the children that incorporate rhyming and different sound to letter connections. This is happening throughout the day, for example, during circle time, transitions, directed activities, and free play. In turn, the children have fun playing these games with their friends.

We will have pajama spirit days on Tuesday January 31st and Friday February 3rd. On these days, your children can choose to wear their pajamas and bring a favorite stuffed animal to play with in the morning.

Next month we will explore a water theme and of course enjoy Valentine’s Day. Our pool days will be on Tuesday February 28th and Friday February March 3rd. We will have a wading pool in the school on these days; you will receive more information in February.

Becky Graber, a musician and storyteller will be visiting twice during the month of February.

George, the assessor from The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) came to assess Timson Hill’s program. George observed the teachers, examined the classroom and outdoor spaces, and checked the program and classroom portfolios (examples of learning domains and administrative forms). We passed with flying colors. Yay! We will be assessed again in five years.

The Rabbit Run (1/2 marathon and 5K) is on Saturday April 8th. We are asking one parent from each family to assist us on this day. Also, if you have any friends who would like to help us at the Rabbit Run by giving water along the way, directing the runners, collecting tickets, distributing tee shirts, or serving food, please let Kathie know. It would be much appreciated.

At our Parent Organizational Rabbit Run Meeting we were brainstorming ways to find sponsors for this event. If you have any connections and are interested in soliciting a business sponsor or personal sponsor, please see Kathie for more details. All sponsorships need to be finalized by Feb. 25th. Out next organizational meeting is Wednesday Feb. 1st from 5pm to 6pm at Timson Hill Preschool.

Timson Hill is closed for winter break from Feb. 20th – 24th.

If any family is interested in adding an extra day for their child, we have an opening on Wednesday morning and afternoon.

Enrollment for the 2017-18 school year has begun and we are beginning to fill up. If you have not signed up and would like to, please send in your application form.

The leaves have fallen, the snow has come, and it continues to be a truly spectacular year! Thank you to parents, staff, and children for making our world a better place!!

Love always,

Kathie, Robin, Joy, Marie, Kristina, and Marie B