Timson Hill Newsletter March/April 2017


Dear Families,

We are all springing forth from stillness in order to find something new. It is amazing to see the children seamlessly enjoying playing with new and old friends. As the meetings and partings occur, it appears, to the outside eye, that the children are intuiting their next move, allowing new patterns to form by transforming old ones. During this time, the children have found ways to center themselves in the midst of life, i.e. building a private block space to settle in, doing an activity before moving into group activity, finding peacefulness in feeling the breath, or listening to the ringing of the sound of a bell. When I observe children finding their “home inside” during free play, it brings tears to my eyes. We want our children to find their homes inside of themselves, to be resilient, to persevere, and to be kind. What a beautiful year we are having with your children!

We have read books by author and illustrator Eric Carle, including The Tiny Seed, Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Did you See, The Grouch Ladybug, From Head to Toe, Papa Please Get the Moon for Me, The Very Quiet Cricket, The Mixed-Up Chameleon, and many others. The children delighted in the song that Robin taught them, Today is Monday, from Eric Carle’s book. We explored different art activities that were inspired by his illustration style. For example, we used scrapers to make textures in our paintings, tissue paper to make collages and bowls, and drew animals. On the bulletin board, you can see the lovely Mr. Bear, and Mr. Bear Who Do You See paintings.


The love of reading and learning! Spending quality time to read to your children is one of the greatest gifts, which helps to spark new ideas, new interests, and new discussions in your loved ones, and also just for fun.  We are fortunate to have Sueno, from the Bookmobile. She continues to visit us every other week and introduces us to new stories and celebrates them in interesting ways (shadow puppets, cranky machines). Carol, a community member, visited Timson Hill to read to your children. She was so excited to be with your children that she kept reading more and more stories, and your children listened and listened.

We also explored the five senses: hearing, seeing, touching, tasting, and smelling. We played various games according to the five senses, sometimes using them in combination. What tune did you hear on the piano? Whose voice did you hear? Did your food taste bitter, sour, sweet, or salty? What did that stretchy dance costume feel like?  What did you smell, hear, or see on our walk? Can you smell the popcorn, feel the popcorn, hear the popcorn popping, taste the popcorn, and see the shape of the popcorn?  During “Show and Tell“ we encourage children to describe their items, sometimes through the window of the five senses.

We took a class trip to Green Valley Farm for sugaring and delighted in seeing the farm, meeting Lois and Harold, tasting the maple syrup, smelling the wonderful sugar, and seeing the water moving through the channels and gates of the evaporator.  We usually visit the Retreat Farm in the spring, but since they closed we need to find a new field trip. If you have any ideas, please let me know. It would be fun to have a class trip to my backyard and appropriate swimming stream, but I am also open to other ideas.

If any parent would like to share a special activity, we would love to have you come to Timson Hill!

Marie Boisvert, our newest teacher, who teaches one afternoon a week, is moving to Alaska. May 2nd will be her last day. We will miss her calm and lovely presence! Good luck to Marie!!

img_2812bThank you to Ben and Catherine for making the beautiful wreath on the front door and then altering it for the new spring season!

Thank you to Pat and Wyatt for designing and building a new bench for the office! This is the first time that the office seems big with a place to sit.

Thank you to the Rabbit Run organizing committee Terry, Jocelyn, Carson, Luke, Christine, Sara, Dave, Carly, Kyle, Rebecca, and Gus, and to all the parents who helped on the day of this event. Special thank you to Tammy for being at the helm of the Rabbit Run organization team for the second year! The Rabbit Run fundraiser brought in over $8000!!

Dates to Remember:

Saturday, April 27th from 10:30 to 11:45: Steve Leicach brings world music for families to Timson Hill Preschool. Free Event!

Saturday May 20th at 7PM: The Willaimsville Talent Show. A few Timson Hill children will be performing at this event.

Saturday May 27th from 10pm to 1PM: Timson Hill Spring Festival and Open House

Monday May 29th: Memorial Day, No School

Wednesday May 31st: Family Potluck

Friday June 2nd: Last day of school

Friday June 9th: Last day for those who are coming to the extra week of school.

Thank you to the staff for sharing many of your thoughts and ideas!

Thank you to the parents for being so devoted and kind!

And to the children for teaching us so many important things!

Love, Kathie, Robin, Joy, Marie, Kristina, and Marie B