Timson Hill Newsletter November 2015


Dear Parents,

November was filled with new people and new places. We continued to enhance our Timson Hill community as we reached beyond our borders into the community around us. When we learn about the world outside our doors, we bring more kindness and compassion towards all people.

Learning how to solve problems by deeply listening to another’s perspective, also teaches us how to be more loving. Each day the children practice how to solve problems through listening, taking turns, trading, sharing, being patient, stopping and breathing, self-advocating, and asking for teacher assistance. Conscious breathing often helps the children relax. The other day, a child immediately put himself into a  “yoga constructive rest position” and then took a few breaths, before he tried to solve a problem.

During the Thanksgiving season, the children expressed many reasons why they were thankful. For example, they were thankful for their parents giving them hugs and buying them toys, and for playing with their friends, toys, and special stuffed animals. Sometimes the children said, “I’m thankful because I love my mommy and daddy.” Every day we sing a thankful song before we eat our snack. “Thank you for this food, this food, this glorious, glorious food- and the animals, and the vegetables, and the minerals that made it possible.”  Another beautiful song, that Robin taught us called “Take Time In Life” goes like this… “I was passing by, my mother called me in, and said you’d better take time in life. Take time in life, you’ve got to take time in life, ‘cause you’ve got faraway to go.”

We reached beyond our school community this past month, as we took a Halloween walk with our parents around the neighborhood to the corner restaurant. While we were inside admiring the beautiful restaurant décor, Lauri (one of the proprietors) gave everyone homemade Halloween cookies. On another day, we took a walk to the neighborhood post office. Cindy the postmaster gave us a tour around the office. The children got to see where the letters went in the Post Office, after they mailed their postcards for the December 9th Holiday Family Potluck. In addition, we took a few hikes up Timson Hill Road, into the woods, and then a quick jaunt over the mountain and down the mountain.

Cypress’ dad, Dan, who is a Physician’s Assistant, discussed his fascinating job with the children. Dan showed us many different tools that he uses to see if someone is sick, and the children were very attentive, asking many questions.

Bonnie Stearns, a clay artist and teacher from Brattleboro engaged the children in a clay project. Her visit inspired us to launch ourselves into many 3-D sculpture projects, including child-directed 3-D paper collages.

During November Literacy Night and Open House at Timson Hill Preschool, Louise from the Newfane Moore Free Library discussed the importance of reading to children with the parents. She also read to the children and gave out free books! Afterwards, we ate lots of spaghetti and enjoyed talking to old and new members of our community.

The following day we had a “Stone Soup” Thanksgiving Celebration for all Timson families. Again, everyone had lots of fun visiting with members of our community. It was wonderful to see Kalia’s parents, grandparents, and her great grandparent join our celebration. Thank you families for taking time in your life to enjoy these special events!

Also, Jeff, one of our landlords from the Williamsville School Preservation Society, visits us often and helps us in any way that he can, making sure the building is comfortable and safe. Thank you, Jeff!


Free Play: The children choose and explore child directed activities that imbed one or more of the various domains: social/emotional, language, math, literacy, science, cognitive, art, fine motor and gross motor skills.

Circle Time: This is a time in the day, when the teacher sits and reads books to all of the children and also includes some fingerplays, songs, movement, topical discussions, and/or surprises. Note: Teachers read to small groups of children throughout the entire day.

Snack Time:  During snack time, children practice social/emotional and language skills through conversational speech.

Quiet Choice or Collaborative Time: The children focus on doing puzzles, using manipulatives, or “reading” a book. We usually have the children doing these projects in small groups, where they are learning how to use their social, spatial, fine motor, and concentration skills.

Special Project Time: The children gather as a group and explore an art, dance, or music activity together, guided by the teachers.

Outdoor Time: The children freely explore the outdoors, using their scientific and gross motor skills while also practicing their social and emotional skills, either in small or large groups.

Lunch:  The children practice their language and conversational skills and of course, the joy of choosing healthy foods first.

Writing Time: The children are practicing their social, fine motor, and literacy skills.

Circle Time: Teacher reads books to children, and always includes an ABC book.

Rest Time: The children take time to breathe, center themselves, and rest.

Special Project and/or Outdoor Time

Snack Time

Free Play

During transitional times between activities, such as putting away toys, washing hands or standing in line to go outside, children learn to respect their peers as they move from one activity to the next. Social/emotional, math, and pre-literacy skills are imbedded into all parts of the program including transitions.

Our wish list includes an old cassette player for a listening center, hand soap, and dish soap.

Our Board Meeting is this Thursday November 3rd at 4:45. All are welcome to attend.

The job chart is located on the front door. If you don’t have a parent job, please choose either the Fundraising Committee (reach out to sponsors to support the Rabbit Run) or the Volunteer Committee (help prepare and organize the logistics for the Rabbit Run) by December 7th. Thank you!

Our Holiday Family Potluck is on Wednesday December 9th from 5pm to 7pm. Please bring a favorite dish to share. Children’s song and dance performances start promptly at 7:10pm.  Hope you can come celebrate this holiday season with the Timson Hill families!

The staff and children continue to learn from one another and from this beautiful community at Timson Hill Preschool. “The receiving is in the joy of giving.”  Thank you everyone from the bottom of our hearts!

Love, Kathie, Robin, Joy, Kristina, and Marie