Timson Hill Newsletter October 2015


Hayride at Green Mountain Orchards

Hayride at Green Mountain Orchards

Dear Parents,

Fall is here! What a wonderful month of singing, dancing, counting, building, cooking, rhyming, painting, drawing, and looking at the magnificent autumn colors with your amazing children!

The children are learning what it means to be friends by understanding others’ emotions, expressing their feelings, and being good listeners. It is a joy watching all the children make new friends. The other day I saw a child using her soft voice, while asking a classmate in need, if she could help.

We started the year with the life cycle of the caterpillar, and now we have delved into a doctor theme. We converted the dramatic play area by putting stethoscopes, charts, scales, beds, “pretend” rounded syringes, soft casts made out of socks, and bone x-rays in this areas. The children registered their patients by taking notes (pre-literacy skills), had them wait in the waiting room (self-regulation skills), and then tended to their patient’s ailments (social emotional awareness skills). The children were engaged in many conversations, which helped them to expand their vocabulary. They  learned about healthy foods, and most importantly, learned how to be kind to their patients. The children enjoyed a silly and charming book/song titled, “The Lady With The Alligator Purse”. In this fun story, the doctor, the nurse, and the lady with the alligator purse have to try to help baby Tiny Tim feel better.

Nurse Erika, Ulla’s mom, talked with the children about what it means to be a nurse, and then showed us how to wash our hands, making sure that we wash between our fingers. Dan, Cypress’ dad, is coming in next week to discuss what it means to be a Physician’s Assistant. If any other parent would like to come to Timson Hill to share what they do, we would love to have you.

We finished exploring circles, the colors yellow and red, and now we are exploring triangles and the color blue. Outside the front door, there is the letter “A”, in order for the children to begin to recognize letters. Inside the door we play lots of letter games, rhyming games, counting games, quantifying games, pattern games, and many more that are imbedded into the program. For example, as we wait for all the children to finish washing their hands before we sit down to eat our community snack, we practice finger plays, rhyming songs, and “math hands” (counting our fingers).

Apple picking was a great success! We had a fun and peaceful time at the apple orchard, picking apples, eating apple cider doughnuts, choosing our pumpkins, and enjoying the hayride.  We bought lots of apples, and then made applesauce, apple muffins, apple butter, and pumpkin pudding. In addition, we sang apple songs, made apple paintings, and read about the apple tree life cycle. Thank you to parents for taking time out of your busy lives to drive to the apple orchard!

We have had three more visitors this month. Louise Sirois, the librarian and director of the Newfane Moore Free Library, read to the children, and then engaged them in a fun crown project. Becky Graber, a local musician, visited us twice and shared lots of wonderful songs and stories. Sueno LeBlond from the Bookmobile visited us three times since the beginning of the year. She read and sang with the children, and sometimes included a magical puppet theatre.

On November 18th at Timson Hill Preschool, we will be having an Open House with a free spaghetti dinner from 5pm to 7pm. At the Open House, Louise Sirois will give a short presentation about the importance of literacy. Afterwards, she will read to the children and give away free books. There will also be time to explore different activities in the classroom.  Old and new students are welcome! Please tell your friends.

On Thursday, November 19th at 11:45, we will have a Thanskgiving “Stone Soup” Lunch Celebration. All Timson Hill families (including grandparents) are welcome to come. Please let Kathie know if you will be attending this gathering. “Stone Soup” is an old fold story in which hungry strangers persuade local people of a town to give them food. It is usually told as a lesson in cooperation, especially amid scarcity.

Winter is coming! Please be sure your child has outdoor gear, including a hat and mittens at all times. Check your child’s extra clothes bags to see if he or she has the appropriate clothes for the season including an extra pair of socks.  Please don’t forget to label everything.

If school is cancelled due to inclement weather, please check WTSA for cancellations. Kathie will also send you an email in the early morning. If you would prefer a call, please let Kathie know.

Reminder: There is no school on Wednesday November 11 (teacher-in-service day) and no school from November 23rd through November 27th..

Thank you to Ellenka for organizing Parent Workday and the Timson Hill Parents for taking such good care of our school! And thank you to everyone for providing such delicious snacks.

A big hug to the parents and staff for your support and devotion to Timson Hill. And to our beautiful children for filling us with so much joy!


Kathie, Robin, Joy, Kirstina, and Marie

Nurse Erika

Nurse Erika Listening To Her Patient’s Heartbeat

Two Halloween songs:

We shut the door, and we lock it tight.

We put the key right out of sight.

We find the key to open the door,

and we turn, and we turn,

and we turn once more,

and then we open the door.


Hurray for Halloween, Hurray for Halloween!

Dogs bark, “wolf wolf”.

Cats meow, “meow meow”.

And witches fly right through the sky,

Hurray for Halloween!