Timson Hill Preschool Newsletter October 2016

Trick or Treating at the Post OfficeTrick or Treating at the Post Office

Dear Parents,

Wow! October has come and gone, and oh, what a wonderful month. Your children delight and amaze us every day, always making us smile.

The preschoolers are beginning to play with new and old friends. They continue to learn how to express their feelings and how to treat each other with respect and kindness. They are learning that everyone can have different perspectives.

We read a lot of books about the well-being of animals, made animal puppets, and then arranged the fantasy area with little stuffed animals. The children had fun pretending to be animals and taking care of each other while playing this game.  Joy brought her dog Jake to Timson Hill and showed the children how she takes care of him. The children loved petting Jake!! Soon, Marie Boisvert will bring her goat to school, Marie Rocatti-Seiz will bring her bearded dragon, and Jesse Gurney will show a sloth video from the Sloth Institute in Costa Rica.

The children are enjoying the game “math hands”. A child says a number, and then we count that number on our fingers, and sometimes, with our fingers we do addition, subtraction, and even subitizing (instantly seeing how many are in a group). Other times, we ask the preschoolers to count how many children are here today, to count the children in “circle”, or to count the children while we waiting in line to go outside for recess. During “circle time”, we practice making patterns with manipulatives, movements, or sounds. There is a math section at our school by the round table that incorporates different items to make patterns, sort, quantify, or make shapes with the geoboards.

The children are learning different yoga poses, such as the downward facing dog pose, child’s pose, camel pose, butterfly pose, cobra pose, and mountain pose.

The children practice breathing by allowing their bellies to expand on the inhale and to deflate on the exhale, as they feel the stuffed animal on their bellies rising and falling while listening to the sound of the bells. Throughout the day, we remind the children to stop and take a moment to feel their breath.

Yoga Breathing

Yoga Breathing

The children learned Halloween songs, including “Hooray for Halloween,” “One Pitch Black Very Dark Night,” and “Stirring and Stirring My Brew”.

We have also sang “Chicken and a Chicken and a Crowd of Crows,” Apples and Bananas,”  “Open Shut Them,” and many others.

The preschoolers and their families took a walk with the Timson Hill staff around the neighborhood on Halloween. We visited Cindy at the Post Office, went to Marie’s House, and then came back to school for a special treat. Thank you to parents and grandparents for participating in this exciting family event!

Elizabeth from the Caterpillar Lab came to Timson Hill and taught the children about the life cycle of different butterflies and moths. The children were so engaged!

We had fun at Green Mountain Orchards. The apples that we bought from the orchards were used to make apple pie, apple crisp, apple muffins, and lots of applesauce. We made apple paintings too! Thank you to parents for driving.

Bonnie Stearns, a clay artist, will be visiting us twice in November.

On Tuesday November 22nd from 11:45 to 12:45 we will be celebrating our Thanksgiving Stone Soup Lunch. All Timson Hill families are welcome to come to this gathering. “Stone Soup” is an old folk story in which hungry strangers persuade local townspeople to give them food. It is usually told as a lesson in cooperation, especially amid scarcity. It would be greatly appreciated if each family could contribute one vegetable for the soup, for example one carrot, one potato, one onion, etc., and please bring it in to Timson Hill by November 21st.

Timson Hill Preschool is having a 4 Winner 50-50 Fundraiser.

Money is the prize. Half of the money raised will go towards the Timson Hill’s operating budget. The other half of the pot will be divided amongst four winners. 1st prize is a quarter of the entire pot, second prize is an eighth of the entire pot, and 3rd and 4th prizes are each a sixteenth of the pot. For example, if we sell $2000 worth of tickets: Timson Hill receives $1000, 1st prize winner receives $500, 2nd prize winner receives $250, third and fourth prize winners will each receive $125.00.

Each family is being asked to sell $100.00 worth of tickets. One ticket costs $5.00, and five tickets cost $20.00. Next week, each family will be receiving 30 tickets to sell, if you need more, please see Kathie. Make sure that each ticket clearly states the person’s name, telephone number, and email address. The family who sells the most tickets will receive a free caricature from artist John Gurney. All tickets need to be received by Tuesday Dec. 6th.

We will pick the winners at our Holiday Family Potluck on Wednesday Dec. 7th from 5pm to 7pm. If the winners are not part of our immediate Timson Hill community, they will be notified on Thursday Dec. 8th.

Hayride at Green Mountain Orchards

Hayride at Green Mountain Orchards


Winter is coming, please make sure your child has a warm hat, mittens, and coat.

There is no school for Veteran’s Day on November 11th and for the Thanksgiving Holiday from November 23rd through November 25th.

We have a child with a possible peanut allergy and another child with a walnut allergy. Please make sure you exclude all nuts when your provide morning snack.

Thank you to Gus Connolly and to all the parents for helping with Parent Workday! Thank you to the staff for always being there! And most of all thank you to our magical preschoolers!!

Love, Kathie, Robin, Joy, Marie, Kristina, and Marie B

Joy Introduces Jake to the Preschoolers

Joy Introduces Jake to the Preschoolers