Timson Hill Preschool Newsletter September 2016

Timson Hill 2016 Group

Dear Parents,

Autumn is here! The leaves are falling as we catch its joy in our hands. We are having an uplifting beginning to our new school year with such beautiful children and families. We know that, for some of you, this is your child’s first time away from home. Although separating from mom and dad is a big adjustment for everyone, you and your children are doing great!!

The children are learning how to form a community and to be comfortable in a school setting. They are learning the routines and expectations of the day, trusting their environment, initiating their play, exploring different materials, discovering new friends, and learning Timson Hill’s two rules: be kind and be safe.

Kindness and diversity are always our overarching themes. We aspire for our children and ourselves to have a strong sense of self, form trusting relationships, and work through conflicts with an open heart. Most importantly, children learn more from how adults act rather than from what they say, and also that perfection is imperfection.

We began the year by helping children learn to identify and to express their feelings. They are learning to stop, take a breath, and say what they feel and need. Everyday before snack, we ring a bell, close our eyes, and focus on our breath in our bellies. To teach children about their feelings, we read related books, have discussions, look at facial expressions, and catch teachable moments. Social/emotional learning in early education supports core behaviors, such as flexibility, resiliency, communication, collaboration, self-esteem, and empathy.

Each day is planned around the children’s full range of needs: social, emotional, physical, and cognitive. Literacy, math, social studies, science, art, music, dance, theatrical play, and social/emotional development skills are embedded into the daily curriculum throughout the day including transitions. In addition, we have been exploring the primary colors, opposites, and fall themes. We have taken hikes around the neighborhood and used our eyes to see the world around us. My husband John surprised us at Timson Hill on Friday Sept. 23 and read his book Dinosaur Train at “circle time”. He also drew funny pictures; the children were roaring! Please see the children’s beautiful self-portraits on the blue bulletin board.

The following schedule is flexible to accommodate varied interests and differences.

  •   Daily Morning Schedule
  •   7:30   Before Care
  •   8:00   Arrival and Welcome. Wash Hands. Choose table activity.
  •   8:30   Free Play. Something new and old favorites every day!
  •   9:45   Learning Circle; Songs, movement, finger plays, stories
  • 10:00   Snack
  • 10:30   Quiet Choice: Puzzles, books, or manipulatives
  • 10:50   Special art project, music, or dance/movement
  • 11:15   Outdoor time
  • 12:00   Pick-up time. Other children stay outside.
  • Daily Afternoon Schedule
  • 12:15   Lunch, followed by free play
  •   1:15   Quiet Story, quiet songs
  •   2:30   Rest time
  •   2:00   Snack/Project/Free Play/Outside
  •   4:00   Pick-up
  •   4:30   After Care Pick-up

There is a new board with family photos. When you arrive, have your child match his or name with the name on the photograph.

On Wednesday, Sept. 28th, Timson Hill Preschool is going to Green Mountain Orchards in Putney. We will explore the orchards, pick apples, go on a hayride, and have some delicious cider doughnuts. All are welcome to come!

On Tuesday October 25th, The Caterpillar Lab from Keene New Hampshire will come to Timson Hill and offer an interactive program, introducing students to caterpillars. “This program will also involve live caterpillars, interactive learning about their adaptations, and some kinesthetic activities to engage students understanding of caterpillars’ life cycles.” If this is not your scheduled day, please let Kathie know if you and your child will be attending. All are welcome!!

If any parent wants to visit us or teach us something special, we would love to have you share it with the preschoolers.

Tuesdays and Fridays are “show and tell” days. If your child wants to participate, he or she can bring in something meaningful to share on these days.

There is no school on Columbus Day, Monday, October 10th.

I want to give a special thank you to Brin Tucker for dedicating over three years to the Timson Hill Board. She was instrumental in the care of the entire Timson Hill program and helped us to be a better school. She is moving on, but her wisdom will always be with us. We welcome Sara Webb who will be replacing Brin on the Timson Hill Board.

Please like Timson Hill Preschool on Facebook and share us with your friends. We will be posting photos monthly. All parents gave us the okay to post on Facebook, but please let us know immediately if you have changed your mind. No names will be used.

Our parent workday is Saturday, October 15th, from 8am to noon. Gus Connolly will be directing the morning. If this day does not fit your schedule, please see Kathie so we can accommodate your needs.

Thank you parents, staff, and to the amazing children for giving an incredible start to our preschool year!

Love always,

Kathie, Robin, Joy, Marie, Kristina, and Marie B.